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Pia Mileaf-Patel

$30 a person 

Bosie is my latest obsession. There are a surprising amount of tea parlors in Manhattan and they all have their own charm, but Bosie seems to be the perfect place to meet a friend at for a cute, delicious afternoon tea.

            While Alice’s Tea Cup makes you feel like a little kid, obsessed with fairy tales, and the St. Regis tearoom is ornate and perfect for Christmas tea with your grandmother, Bosie is classic but modern and festive yet laid back enough to meet there one afternoon for tea-time with a friend (you know, for those occasional times I want to pause my My So-Called Life marathon and go be social).

            I went to Bosie with my friend Eliza and the first thing she noticed was the case of macarons by the front. They were all creative flavors like yuzu-raspberry—yuzu is my favorite fruit. It’s a lemon-orange like citrus that I became obsessed with on a plane ride to Japan when I was really little—and passion fruit-chocolate.

            The tea parlor is small with about 8 tables, a two pastry cases and bookshelves lining the walls filled with old, beautiful books. It also smelled amazing. We sat in the back on cushy chairs and decided to get a full tea. The menu also had quiches and other lunch-y things but we opted for the classic pot of tea, scones, tea sandwiches (cucumber and butter yum!) and little treats, which I’m glad included macarons. There were also these adorable orange-chocolate and vanilla bean tea cakes which looked like they were out of a story-book.

            The one thing that really stood out were the scones. They were so good. So, so good. Sweet, but not too sweet and also dense and cake-like.

            I just love this place.

            Bosie is a wonderful place to sit, and gossip, and just feel very grown up and sophisticated. I would go back in a heartbeat and plan to drag all of my friends there one time or another.



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