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Pia Mileaf-Patel

I just came back from possibly the cutest birthday brunch ever. Ever. My seriously foodie friend Suzanne had her birthday at Seersucker, a modernized Southern restaurant on Smith Street in Brooklyn. It’s snowing (and actually sticking! Yay!), so after the freezing trip there, I was so excited by how welcoming and friendly the restaurant is.

            Seersucker is a small restaurant with a big window in the front, overlooking the snow-dusted playground. The window was decorated with small Christmas trees and right when you walk in, it smells like thirty different kinds of good.

            The glasses are tiny mason jars, and the tables are lined up against a long bench on the wall (which meant that a lot of us could sit on the cushy bench!!!). Seersucker could fit right into a Pinterest board or design magazine and the décor is matched to its name.

            Suzanne fixed a menu and the first thing we had were the best biscuits in the world, with three different spreads in three even tinier mason jars. One was apple, the other was maple butter and the last was cranberry. We cut our scones into four so we could try them all and then put our favorite one on the last quarter.

            We were ranking the best biscuits that we know of, and the dense, buttery square ones at the table topped the list. I’ve been dreaming about them. I really wish I could make biscuits; every time I’ve tried they end up kind of raw or lumpy, although I don’t mind the excuse to eat them whenever I see them at a restaurant.

            One other thing was that the food came out at a rate that left just enough time to talk between dishes, but not too much time that we were complaining. That’s pretty hard to ace, and Seersucker mastered it.

            We had shaved collard greens salads with radishes, ricotta and sunflower seeds. This is the kind of salad that I crave (you know, if I were in a salad-y mood, which is very, very rare, but happens).

            After, we had breakfast tacos in soft shells with chorizo, seasoned fries and lightly battered fried chicken. Everything was amazing, but I want to point out the French fries. They were unbelievable.

            Fries are very important to me. Bad French fries hurt my feelings. Good French fries (like these) make me want to only eat fries for the rest of my life. They are medium-cut, and fried all the way through while maintaining enough of the crucial fluff. Then, they are sprinkled with very light seasoning and I almost don’t want to know what it is so it can remain a foodie mystery.

            Brunch is great; you feel trendy and get to eat amazing food (sweet or salty). Seersucker has mastered brunch. This was a very sweet choice for a small birthday lunch. It has a serious Brooklyn-essence and is absolutely worth taking the train for.

            There was space to talk about all of the random things on our minds and take pictures to post of all the food. Thank goodness nobody killed me after the sixth one I took, because now I have them all to post on here!