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71 Irving Place


71 Irving Place

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$10 a person

71 Irving Place

            If you were to go onto Tumblr and take one of those pictures of the perfect little artsy café, and pull it off the internet into real life, you’d end up with 71 Irving Place. The café opened in 1996 as the first place to sell Irving Farm’s coffee.

            This morning, I had plans to have brunch with my friend, Emma. She said that she knew “this place on Irving.” We had decided to go to a new neighborhood, as all of our trips usually end up in SoHo, so we met up and I followed her to 71 Irving Place. We walked down two or three steps to go into the café. When we walked in, it was filled with people sitting at small tables of two to three chairs. There was a counter, with two cases of food; one case was filled with a few different quiches and some desserts like cupcakes, and the other had piles of lots and lots of pastries, the variety ranging from breads to muffins to croissants. We stood in line and ordered, and the friendly staff helped us decide which of the pastries would be better. I had mint tea and a cranberry-banana muffin. Emma also had mint tea, and a slice of banana-raspberry bread.

            We got our breakfast and picked a table by the window. 71 Irving Place has a good atmosphere that feels like the “All American Café.” The brick walls are hung with posters and pictures from Irving Farm, and the air is filled with people chatting over coffee. The tea was really good. It was the kind of mint tea where you actually comment and say, “That’s really good mint tea,” which I rarely would. Full disclosure? The muffin was the slightest bit dry, if I’m going to dissect it down to that, but it was still pretty good. The banana bread, on the other hand was perfect. We cleared our plates to the bin in the back, and left satisfied and kind of calm and happy.

            I would definitely go back to 71 Irving Place. It’s the perfect place to meet up with a friend, and it’s not too expensive, while still being nice. Also, if you’re walking past it on your way to school (or work), do stop by and grab some coffee and a pastry!