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Georgetown Cupcake

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$5- a person

My ridiculous foodie quest for the best cupcake in New York City stops here on Mercer Street in SoHo, at the heavenly food shrine they call Georgetown Cupcake. Being obsessed with reality TV, and watching Katherine and Sophie (the founders of Georgetown Cupcake) scramble around the DC location on TLC’s DC Cupcakes, but knowing that they couldn’t possibly be as good as they looked, I had my doubts about how the cupcakes would taste. The closest I’d come to actually tasting a Georgetown Cupcake was salivating onto my iPhone while scrolling through Instagram (the pictures below are from my wall!!!)

            The most recent time I walked into the store, decorated as cute as a cupcake itself, there was a long, long line, and a huge display of perfect little treats in a variety of flavors, such as key lime, Boston cream pie, and cherry blossom, March’s flavor of the month. The staff is friendly, and they have good suggestions for picking flavors, and if you order a box in advance, it will be ready on time for you to pick it up.

            Georgetown cupcakes are smaller than the average cupcake, but still big enough to be satisfying. The cake is dense, and not too sweet, but what makes them the best, is the perfect puff of fluffy frosting, balanced on top. They offer classic flavors like red velvet (my favorite) and chocolate, but their other cupcakes have some very subtle, delicious flavors that are definitely worth stepping out of your usual cupcake habits to try. I’ve never had a cupcake from Georgetown that I wouldn’t have again.

            My friends and I have had debates about the best kinds of cupcakes, and it always comes down to the frosting controversy! Magnolia Bakery is very good, but we never crave a cupcake from there, fearing the overload of sugary frosting. On the other hand, who wants a cupcake with just a smudge of icing… nobody. Biting into a Georgetown cupcake is like eating a cloud of the most perfectly balanced frosting no matter what flavor it is, from peanut butter to strawberry to cream cheese. I am always in the mood for Georgetown Cupcakes, and once you try one, you will be too. Actually, if anyone wants to bring me any right now…