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LT Burger

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$20 a person

LT Burger may just be the ultimate burger joint. With its simple, mouth-watering menu of shakes, burgers and fries (don’t worry, there are salads), and with the modern atmosphere of the restaurant, you can’t go wrong there.

            I went with two friends for dinner, at the Sag Harbor LT Burger, but there is also one by Bryant Park, in The City. It was the perfect meal and it had a great menu, of lots of different types of burgers. LT Burger is a fun place to wind down after running around and getting sunburnt all day long, which was exactly how we had spent the day. Our waiter was friendly, and the food came quickly, which was perfect, considering how hungry we were (it should be expected that teenagers are always hungry).

            The veggie burger was delicious, as reported by my vegetarian friend and the space was warm, friendly and very festive, while still remaining casual and energetic, but not too-too loud, so we could still talk across our table of food.

            I can absolutely recommend the Mexican Burger, because it was what I had, and I loved every last bite of its Instagram-worthy beauty. From the fluffy, toasted bun, to the melted cheese, to the burger patty, the avocado… Ugh, I want to go there right now actually. The waffle fries were perfectly crispy and salty, and the normal "skinny" fries were too. They also have curly cheese fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries, which I am dying to go back and try.

            Anyone who’s tried a shake from LT Burger will be in love with it. Even my friend’s mom. When my friend, Hannah, proposed going there for dinner, my other friend, Eliza’s first response was , “Ugh, the milkshakes. The S’mores one is so good.” Then she spent about five minutes describing how good, exactly, it was, making me even hungrier if that was possible. I wish shakes were healthy so I could justify trying them all, a different one every day.

Oh, and LT Burger delivers. Mwahahahahaha!