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Mary's Fish Camp

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$45 a person

Oh Mary’s Fish Camp. I love this restaurant as much as I love having Leonardo DiCaprio movie marathons with my friends (a lot of love). I hadn’t been here for a few years until last night, when my mom and I decided to go out and get an early dinner. We both loved the idea of coming here. It's the perfect Mommie-Daughter Date place. (It's also a good date-date place). We used to go a lot when I was little; of course my mom couldn’t resist telling the waitress that. Like Red Farm, Mary’s is small, and they don’t take reservations; we arrived about fifteen minutes before they open at six and were already the third party waiting…

            We went inside and were seated at a table by the window. There is also a bar that overlooks the kitchen, which I remember sitting at when I was little, looking over my plate of steamers to see what they could be making. The restaurant is on a corner and was flooded with light. That, plus the smell of fish and buttery, mouth-watering lobster rolls (the best in NYC) made me dream of the summer and being at the beach. It’s so soon, if the weather decides to warm up a bit! Mary’s Fish Camp is like a little piece of the beach in NYC. They also have the best iced tea, which really just tastes like summer. I guess for the rest of school, if I’m ever just too sick of it, I need to go get some iced tea from Mary’s and pretend that I’m at the beach; a perfect place to be at dinner with your Mommie.

            Instead of bread, there were two packets of oyster crackers on the table. The napkins are red gingham, and the music was a perfect “listen too all of your parents’ old music in the car to Cape Cod” mix, but not too cliché. In other words, Mary’s Fish Camp served food in Mason jars before it was cool.

            My mom and I got a bunch of dishes to share. First we had oysters, which were delicious if you like them (oysters are pretty weird, but I happen to love the way they taste). We also started with a summer melon salad, which was tossed with fresh mint, vinegar and peanuts. I know that all I really wanted was a lobster roll and a plate of fries (I literally can’t stop eating the French fries that they have there), but everything else just looked so delicious, especially the corn on the cob with mayo and queso and lime (elotes). My mom was so happy that they had it on the menu. We also ordered this shrimp thing, primarily because there was avocado in the menu description of it (I could probably live in an avocado), and it was so good! It was basically a mixture of a shrimp cocktail and a ceviche, and as a plus it came in the cutest little jar. I chose the mussels roasted in miso and garlic. They were amazing, and I loved the way the miso spiced up the traditional wine and garlic sauce for mussels.

            Mary’s was everything I remembered and better. Our waitress was so nice, especially with our taking forever to decide what to order (I really truly mean it when I say I wanted everything; I think my mom would agree). I hope you can make it sometime, especially now in this anticipation of summer.