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Red Farm

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$50 a person

Red Farm is one of my absolute favorite restaurants. It’s perfect for birthday celebrations, and festive for going out, while still being casual enough for an early (and delicious) dinner. The menu sits happily on the fence between molecular gastronomy and classic Chinese food, which surprisingly makes a fantastic, fresh cuisine with lots of flavors. I feel like everything that comes out of the kitchen is so yummy.

            I’ve now been a bunch of times, for my mom’s birthday, my brother’s, just dinner, and to try it when it first opened, and I think that my family has tried most of the menu by now. First of all, the restaurant is very crowded and small. They don't take reservations and you have to show up when it opens to put your name on the list, but we were very lucky as a party of six, because everyone was very nice and helped us find a place to sit all together.

            To pick out what to get, without fighting, as my family often does (especially about food), we each picked one thing and then kind of just ordered a whole bunch of other stuff last minute (just because). I always, always go for the crispy beef that comes with lotus chips, because it’s one of my favorite things on the menu, but I tried something else this time, the mango avocado summer rolls with guacamole-ish deliciousness, and amazing dipping sauce. We also got two orders of PacMan dumplings, a plate of four dumplings, each a different flavor (and color) that resemble ghosts, being “eaten” by a giant PacMan sweet potato tempura sitting in the addictive guacamole that came with the summer rolls. We had to order two, so that my brother could have enough dumplings to himself (he’s a picky eater, but he loooooves Red Farm and their PacMan dumplings, and picked it for his birthday). My grandma and I almost fought for the tempura, but I think we were just all so happy from the food deliciousness that it didn’t matter.

            My dad picked the shrimp stuffed chicken, but my mom was super passive aggressive about it and ended up picking ribs for him and lobster dumplings for herself (and then, of course, ended up getting the chicken anyway, which was amazing, and crispy, and I wish I hadn’t been so full by then). The lobster dumplings were really cool also and came set atop some mushrooms in little martini glasses shown below. The presentation of all the food is really fun and exciting, especially when you’re out with friends. The first time we went, we had a certain dumpling thing, which came in a tall, thin glass filled with a perfectly portioned sauce that you eat (drink?) with the dumplings. The menu also has some bold fusion items, like a Katz’s Deli pastrami egg roll, but no matter how strange, everything is such a success.

            I love Red Farm, and it’s a great, exciting, foodie place. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the food there! Definitely add this to your list of restaurants to try.