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Imperial Woodpecker

Pia Mileaf-Patel

 $3-10 a person

Summer in New York City: It’s hot, it smells really bad, there are lots and lots of people, it’s hot, it seems like there’s nothing good to do (although I can assure you there is), heat seems to radiate from the hissing sidewalks. However, today, I realized that I’m okay with that, because summer in New York City also means Imperial Woodpecker sno-balls.

            Served in a fun takeout container, with 46 creative and delectable flavors (of which I’m determined to try every single one), Imperial Woodpecker’s sno-balls have an unbelievably fluffy, perfect texture, like eating a sugary puff of cold, frosty, refreshing cloud, right smack in the middle of the melting city.

            I went there today with my little brother and now I feel like every time I make plans with someone this summer, I’m going to have to detour there. “Oh hey, we could meet at the Imperial Woodpecker sno-ball cart!” I’ll say. I mean if I’m there, I have to get a sno-ball, right? It would be a crime not to.

            The other thing about the cart today was the atmosphere. It seemed like everyone on line was happy and patient. I don’t know if these sno-balls are magical, but they have to have some powers to get a line full of New Yorkers to smile. We don’t like waiting on line. So rush to Imperial Woodpecker! I challenge you to try all of the flavors this summer :)