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Glazed Gourmet

Pia Mileaf-Patel

 $5 a person 

I think that I can easily say: THE DONUTS FROM GLAZED (in Charleston, South Carolina) ARE THE BEST DONUTS EVER. I almost can’t explain it. They’re light and fluffy, but they’re also dense at the same time. And they’re the perfect size, and they have the coolest and most creative flavors, like raspberry goat cheese, and bacon maple syrup. I’m only a little embarrassed to say that over the course of one long-weekend in Charleston (my family was there for the Spoleto Festival) I went there three times - well four actually, but it was closed on Monday, probably for the better of my health. I even “ran” there the second time to justify it…

            One other thing that struck me about Glazed was that the people there were really, really nice! Maybe it’s just that I’m used to being shoved about in New York City, where any noise of acknowledgement is considered friendly. The first time I went, my mom and I got two-dozen donuts (not for us, but I wish they were), and we got two for free! The man at the register also apologized that the black and white one (my favorite: a crescent shaped donut, filled with dark chocolate and rolled in powdered sugar) wasn’t just out of the oven like the other kinds we bought. When I bit into the fluffy donut, it was still warm…needless to say; you don’t have to worry about stale donuts.

P.S. The coffee is really yummy.