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Pia Mileaf-Patel


A large bunch of the freshest basil you can get

A handful of pinenuts 

1/4 Cup of pecorino sardo

1/4 Cup of parmesan

1/2 Cup of olive oil

2 cloves of garlic

Pinch of sea salt


Clean the basil very well, then put it all in a blender and blend it.

In Liguria, where pesto is from, sometimes people put in a little bit of heavy cream.

This is my dad's recipe for pesto, and after 16 years of eating it (and all its variations) I can concur that it is the best way to make pesto for pasta--in Cape Cod, there is one vegetable market, Hatch's, where they make their pesto with walnuts instead of pine nuts, then coarsely grind all of the ingredients together. This is very different and tastes best on caprese salad, but in my opinion is equally delicious.

My dad makes pesto a lot, and we all miss it in the winter when there is rarely fresh basil. I'm posting this now, as the last of the basil is at farmer's markets, so you can make a stockpile of pesto and freeze it (it freezes really well--my friend Lilah's mom always brings some pesto home from Hatch's and keeps it all year, for when they really miss the beach).