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The Park

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$20 a person

            For fall brunch (although something tells me that I should be opposed to this concept), there truly is no prettier option than sitting at a table underneath a tree in the sky-lit, indoor garden at The Park. This room sits magnificently between a high-ceilinged bistro style room with big, leather booths, and a room with low tables, sofas and an enormous fireplace.

            I hadn’t been here since I was little and Dan Zanes had a concert in the garden, but I remembered that there was an enormous tree that pressed against the skylight, and that there were really good French fries (which is serious and important).

            My friend Hannah, who claims she is a bad food critic (although based on her restaurant-recommendation track record I disagree), and I went to The Park last Sunday for brunch. We ended up actually getting there around 2:30, but the brunch menu was in full swing and all of the tables were still totally full.

            However, we only had to wait about five minutes to get a spot where we could feel the warmth from the fireplace and also look up at the ivy-coated skylight.

            I knew it was going to be a great meal when, instead of regular bread, our waiter brought us warm banana bread with honey butter. I had forgotten about this—whoever had this idea is awesome. Banana bread, for me, is what I’m almost always craving and don’t realize until I have some in front of me.

            Hannah ordered a burger, which came with a perfectly toasted English muffin and well-done fries (the best kind of fries). I had the crispy avocado and frisée salad that had two fried eggs on top. You will find brunch classics with creative, delicious variations on the menu. Everything looked so good that I had trouble picking what to order even after I made the groundbreaking decision between sweet or savory.

            To top off the meal (and the experience…), as we asked for the check, a party of about twelve male models sauntered in and sat down at the table next to us. I think this summarizes the atmosphere of The Park perfectly.

Happy brunching.