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Pia Mileaf-Patel


            I believe I should preface this by saying that I’ve never actually been inside of Laut. However, what they say about New Yorkers is true: last week, I had takeout from Laut four nights. Spicy noodle soup takeout is comfort food to NYC teens (at least some that I know).

            My friends thought I was exaggerating on Tuesday (as we poured over the menu, trying to decide what to eat after watching the student-organized Thanksgiving break football game for four and a half hours in the freezing cold), but then, when we called to order, Laut already had my mother’s credit card and our address on file.

            And it’s terrible, but I have no intention of ever venturing the ten or so blocks to Laut, because I always crave it when it’s cold or rainy. So if you live within the vicinity of this incredible Malaysian/Thai/Singaporean restaurant, you are in luck.

            Here are some reasons why Laut is amazing. First, they have an authentic, diverse menu, which ranges from the requisite Pad Thai to a Malaysian roasted chicken over meat infused rice with tiny fish.

            And the noodle soups are glorious. I especially love the Curry Laksa with fried wontons. Or, if you’re in a broth soup mood, they will sub out the noodles for extra chicken and fish cakes.

            The green curry is also perfect. And it comes with a really cute, small container of rice—the perfect solution to this weather.

            Now I want to eat this, even though it’s midnight. Actually, I want to eat this especially because it’s midnight.

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