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Chelsea Market

Pia Mileaf-Patel

Top 10 Things To Do At Chelsea Market (My Favorite Tourist Trap)


1.     Ninth Street Espresso: Get your coffee before you get cranky. The best cappuccino in the city.

2.     The Weird Gourmand Village: I can testify to the fact that shopping on an empty stomach is bad. Among this maze of food shops is Bar Suzette for crepes, an olive oil store, a whey store, People’s Pops, a raw vegan sushi stand and a soft caramel and sweets shop. It’s dangerous to get lost in here among the bottles of white soy sauce, 3 lb Mast Brothers chocolate bars, and piles of cheese. You can also go around the corner for a Num Pang Cambodian sandwich, or Ronnybrook farm for a milkshake.

3.     Fat Witch Bakery: Dense, moist (sorry), perfect brownies. There are usually free samples. I flock to free samples. There is also Eleni’s Cookies next door for the most detailed decorated sugar cookies.

4.     The Lobster Place: For really fresh fish, sushi, oysters and salads (either to stay or take with you), or clam chowder and whole lobsters if you’re willing to brave the crowds of tourists and fight for a table, this is the place to be. Usually The Lobster Place is the reason I went to Chelsea Market.

5.     Manhattan Fruit Exchange: For dragon fruits, prickly pears, or just straight up pre-squeezed lime juice, here is where to get it. The whole store is a refrigerator, so bring a sweater because you’ll stay in there forever, oohing and ahing about everything (I could live there). They also have a salad bar.

6.     Buona Italia: The Italian emporium of everything delicious has cookies, semolina flour, frozen fruit and vegetable purees, lunch, mints, and fresh mozzarella in the back. And like a hundred other things. This is where to get any Italian ingredient you can imagine. You can also go to Rana by the front entrance to eat or get some fresh pasta.

7.     Amy’s Bread: Come on, everyone likes bread. And on Fridays, you can get chocolate cherry bread. And any other day, you can get a cupcake!

8.     Bowery Kitchen: If you need some knives, kitchen tweezers, cast iron pans, or a knife-sharpening tutorial…

9.     Bookstore: There is a very sweet bookstore in the back of Chelsea Market, which is always a great place to wander through, especially if you’re in a bit of a food coma.

10. Sample Sales Yay! There is always a sample sale going on, and they’re usually awesome (like AG, and Rag and Bone). Maybe stop here before your food adventure…