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Madison Square Eats

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$20 per person

            Madison Square Eats is a 28-day annual food festival next to Madison Square Park that has small food stands from some of the coolest restaurants and food trucks in the city. It also means that nobody in my family has to cook for four weeks.

            It gets pretty crowded and it’s vicious trying to get a seat in the designated area, but it’s nice to just grab food and eat it in the park where there’s more space to not get elbowed.

            There are so many different places and types of foods it’s kind of ridiculous. It ranges from Pig and Khao’s pub-style Filipino food to Ilili’s Lebanese food and delicious lemonades. Mexicue is there for mouth-watering nachos, and Calexico makes a ridiculously good black bean quesadilla. The Red-Hook Lobster Pound has lobster rolls, a summer staple, and I saw people walking around with half watermelons and a straw (and some alcohol). Arancini bros have brought a meal in a ball to the table with fried risotto and either meat or vegetables or cheese. Bar Suzette has heaping Nutella crepes and also cold-pressed juice. It just goes on from there.

            I highly encourage you to go before it closes if you haven’t accidentally walked through already. The twinkling lights and Marimekko umbrellas are especially pretty.

            I don’t think there’s any way this could end badly—I mean it’s a block filled with weird, fun, delicious food in the middle of a park. During the spring. In New York City.