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Jack's Wife Freda

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$20-30 a person

            So, within the past month or so, I’ve seen people Instagram from Jack’s Wife Freda at least once a week. Finally, someone posted a picture of this sunny, beautiful table full of dishes of Green Shakshuka and I decided that I needed to go right away.

            I made plans to go get brunch with my friend Lilah after the US History SAT II. And if I do say, I really needed to get out of the house. It had gotten to a point that by the time I took the test, I could sing songs about the Monroe Doctrine and all of the presidents. I even found this Jimmy Fallon sketch about the Gadsden Purchase deep within the Internet world of history nerds, which really, really shouldn’t have been funny.

            Determined to not let the College Board ruin one of the sunniest days of the spring/early summer, we walked down to the restaurant, which is on the edge between Soho and Nolita. When we got there, the small restaurant was spilling over onto the sidewalk. The whole restaurant screams brunch in such a perfect way, from the penny tile to the adorable messages on the sugar packets (“sweet dude” or “sugar for my honey”). It was a 45-minute wait, which always sucks, but our table was ready in half an hour, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

            Jack’s Wife Freda takes the brunch staples and sneaks in both Israeli and South African influence. Lilah and I were torn between the rosewater waffle and the Green Shakshuka with eggs. We probably talked about ordering everything that was on the menu, but kept circling back to these two, almost arguing over who got to order what. The people next to us were also raving about the duck bacon, which I’m dying to go back and try and am kicking myself for not just ordering.

            We decided that we needed to share both the eggs and the waffle. The eggs were perfectly cooked in the green sauce and served with warm, buttery, challah toast, but I think that my favorite thing was the rosewater waffle. The rose flavor wasn’t subtle, and it was deliciously balanced out with the honey maple syrup. On top of that, there was a scoop of tart yogurt and fresh berries.

            In any case, the menu was filled with lots of different things, ranging from waffle like brunch staples to Portuguese sandwiches, and I can’t wait to go back and try everything.