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Pia Mileaf-Patel

$30 a person

            With a slogan like “We steal recipes from grandmas,” you know you can’t order wrong at Bubby’s. Because “grandma food” is always delicious. Whenever I get home from a long trip, it’s not specific food that I crave (i.e. BBQ or pancakes), it’s grandma food. Be it matzo ball soup, fried chicken and biscuits or a heaping slice of apple pie with a melting scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, it’s something you’re going to find in the kitchen of either your grandma (or bubby or nonna or oma or nanna or gran) or someone else’s.

            And Bubby’s has it all. But I have to call it that the best thing on their menu (besides the pie of course) is Bubby’s Pancakes. They’re made with the James Beard recipe that my very own nonna uses. These pancakes are dense and fluffy and sweet and doughy and crisp and soft all at the same time, and I highly recommend getting them with blueberry sauce. I daydream (and sometimes night-dream) about these pancakes. It’s a problem. The best, and possibly most dangerous, part is that Bubby’s pancakes are served until 4pm.

            If only they were on the dinner menu also. It’s probably for the best that they aren’t—Bubby’s is saving me from myself, just like a grandma should (although I’m pretty sure my nonna would make me pancakes for dinner).

            There’s also “real” food: all the comfort food you crave. Buttery hamburgers (and lamb burgers, veggie burgers and chicken burgers), flaky biscuits, salmon nicoise salad, onion rings, garlic bread. You can’t go wrong.

            I think it’s fair to say that although texting is a kind of botched form of communication, when my friends text “Bubby’s?” the answer is yes.