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Pia Mileaf-Patel

$15 a person

            Happy fall from 80 degree NYC! I’m one week into school now, and am already staying in for lunch to finish my homework, so I apologize in advance for the brevity* of this post. Also, this is going to be a total outlet for my SAT vocab cramming, because if you use your words a lot, they become indelible* in your memory. I’ve marked them with a star.

            Today, I would just like to bring to attention the more-than-palatable* salad bar that Sweetgreen puts together every day. (On a side note, I think I’m done with this vocabulary thing. I can’t even read my own writing like this.)

            So, Sweetgreen is a delicious, seasonal, healthy salad bar on 27th Street and Broadway. And besides salads, they have delicious juices (both cold pressed AND lemonade-like ones (yay for lemonade)!)

            The line is intimidating. It can loop around and grow out the door, but don’t fear, they do a remarkable job to keep it moving. I don’t know how, but it’s never been more than 15 minutes before I got my food. Also, if you want to be that person, you can call in your order ahead and even pay for it online. Although, is that really worth everyone’s eyes staring holes into you as you waltz up to the to-go counter?

            Sweetgreen also has a menu of their signature salads to choose from if you’re like me and make the most disgusting salads under the pressure of the line behind you. Sweetgreen’s toppings are unreal (I’m talking about tortilla chips and avocado in one of the pre-designed ones). It’s stuff like that that makes you excited about eating salad. Also there is this really cool neon sign on the wall that has all of the seasons and lights up accordingly, so the room doesn’t seem like a place to grab food and run.

            I went a week or so ago with my friend, Sadye, before we took a yoga class (we decided to get salad before for optimal yoga-ness, and did not feel out of place at all with our mats on our backs). I would vouch for the “Misoba” salad (because it has noodles and avocado in it, duh). It is my favorite so far.

            Overall, if you need your kale fix, this is the place to do it. I haven’t had a bad salad from Sweetgreen (although I haven’t tried to design my own yet—I think I’ll just stick to the menu).