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Bar Pitti

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$40 a person

            You can find a hundred raving reviews for Bar Pitti, but I still feel that I owe this blog a write-up of the ultimate Italian restaurant. On Friday afternoons, I (too often) find myself dreaming about eating their spaghetti alle vongole—any time from eating outside in the summer, to sitting at one of the cozy tables while it’s snowing outside.

            Bar Pitti is casual and trendy (sometimes too trendy), but the second there is food on the table, anything else in your mind will dissolve. I’ve eaten creamy burrata and cherry tomatoes there after my eighth grade graduation, fried mushrooms and grilled chicken with sundried tomatoes the week before eleventh grade started, and buttery bucatini with fragrant, paper-thin slices of truffle before seeing a play with my mom.

            The restaurant is always full, but its atmosphere is comforting. You can cozy up with a dish of pasta, or sit outside with a friend and feel very adult. Last year, a friend and I were advising a girl in our painting class about some drama in her grade. She was being excluded from a party that night. We knew instantly that the food at Bar Pitti would at least temporarily wipe her memory of the mean-ness. The combination of the chalk-board menu in Italian and the warm ambience made for a perfect evening that we can’t wait to repeat soon!  

            It’s good to have a place you know will always be amazing. For me, Bar Pitti is it. I know that when I’m in college, I will crave Bar Pitti only second to bagels and lox—both things I will always associate with growing up in New York.