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Pia Mileaf-Patel

$5-15 a person

            Who would have thought that the food bar in the back of a health food store on Court and Remsen could become the most popular lunch spot for teenagers (both vegan and not) in Brooklyn Heights?

            Thankfully, someone at my school did, and I was introduced to the joy that is Perelandra’s healthy, prepared food. The most obvious perk of Perelandra is that the food is (mostly) vegan, and if not, vegetarian, which is great for teenagers, brooklynites, and combinations of the two. But as a non-vegetarian and somebody who lives in Manhattan, I can also totally vouch for how great Perelandra is—it’s one of my favorite places to eat near school and I wish I could make vegan food like they do. I would eat it all the time.

            First of all, it is a supermarket, so there are plenty of drink options (like coconut water), and more importantly, chocolate options, like these awesome tea-infused chocolate bars.

            Secondly, they make the most amazing smoothies. My favorite is the Tropical Goddess, which is made of pineapple, mango, banana and other yummy things that taste like melted ice cream.

            The lunch staple, and my favorite thing, is the Dragon Bowl, a container that you can fill with any four of the prepared foods they have. The options are usually sautéed kale, roasted vegetables, lentils, tempeh, tofu, pasta salad, quinoa or other things. It varies from day to day, but is always surprisingly delicious and filling. Also, if you ask, they can give you brown rice, which they usually serve with Chickpea Masala.

            Perelandra’s vegan baked goods are also really good (and not vegan-tasting at all). I particularly love the sweet potato bread and the chocolate chip bar. There are also chocolate truffles which I still have to try, but I’ve heard raving reviews from my friends.

            Right now, while it’s freezing outside, my favorite thing is the vegan hot chocolate. It tastes different than regular hot chocolate does, but it’s amazing in its own way—different, but maybe even better. It’s just a tad salty, which somehow balances out the chocolatey-ness wonderfully.

            Perelandra’s lunch counter really is a food bar in the back of a supermarket, but it is some of my favorite vegan food in the city, and I highly recommend that if you’re in the area, either get a dragon bowl or a vegan hot chocolate. I’ve said it before, but I’m not a person who seeks out kale, however I love the food at Perelandra—it’s perfect.