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The Original Sandwich Shoppe of New York

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$15 a person

            I have to admit that I don’t eat as many sandwiches as I should. They’re quite amazing. There’s just so much good food out there to try! However, I think it’s my lack of sandwich eating is due to the fact this one sandwich ruined me. There just isn’t anything better than the turkey sandwich at the Original Sandwich Shoppe on Greenwich Ave.

            Maybe it’s because it’s the sandwich I grew up eating, and so I crave it in the same way you might crave your grandmother’s chicken soup.

            Yesterday, I met my friend Lilah there, to eat a sandwich we’d eaten many times before (and also hang out, but to eat more importantly), and it totally lived up to my memories. I don’t really know how to recommend it for teens in particular; I just think that everybody who grows up in this city should try this sandwich.


The Order:

Roasted turkey sandwich on a toasted baguette with herb mayo, lettuce and tomato: a mix of light and dark meat. And a small mango lemonade. You could easily split the sandwich or eat the whole thing, depending on how hungry you are.


When to Eat It:

Shared with your grandmother after ballet class when you are five years old.

The first time you are allowed to hang out without a grown up when you are ten.

When you were just craving a fantastic sandwich at any age.

After your first standardized test when you are fifteen.

When you decide not to be a vegetarian anymore.

While celebrating your middle school graduation.

On a field trip, where you had to pack a lunch.

Anytime. Anywhere. (All the time. Everywhere).