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Pia Mileaf-Patel

$35 a person

            I love Dimes so much. It’s a great place to eat as a teen for a bunch of reasons—one being that it’s fairly close to Morgenstern’s ice cream (see the next post)—so I will outline some of the things that makes it so cool.

            1. The food is REALLY good. They have creative, fresh mixtures of spices and dressings that make each bite you take perfect. I have yet to order something there that I’m not crazy about, and I doubt I ever will. I have loved everything, from the red curry mussels to the grilled fava beans with ricotta and honey to the bar steak with ramp butter.

            2. The food is healthy. But you’ll never get stuck eating shaved radishes with seeds and health powder in weird colors. You will also never get stuck eating deep fried potato filled dumplings with a lard glaze. It’s perfect summer food, with seasonal flavors and perfect bites of everything. They have found a great balance, so you won’t leave hungry, but you could have room for dessert if you’d like.

            3. The bathroom is really cool. This is a kind of stupid reason to like a restaurant, but I totally judge restaurant bathrooms. Sometimes, you just can’t help thinking, “Wow, this is a really cool bathroom.” And the colorful tiled walls, incense-y candle and soccer ball chandelier in the bathroom at Dimes had just this effect.

            4. It is a good atmosphere. Although it can get a little scene-y on a Friday night, Dimes is really comfortable while still festive. It definitely feels like going out, but it’s not stuffy. The big windows that open onto the street, the beautiful and original bouquets, and the surplus of young, cool people make it a fun place to have dinner (in addition to the obvious reason to go: amazing food). I find that usually it’s one or the other in terms of good food and good atmosphere, but Dimes has it all!