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Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$5-10 a person

            Rarely is there a food that is worth the insane line you suffer through to get it. However, I will make the case for Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream—although if you can find a time to go when the line is shorter, say a Monday afternoon, definitely do that.

            The first time I (almost) went to Morgenstern’s, my friend and I walked by and the line was so long we just left. Another time, after waiting at least forty-five minutes (it seemed shorter, though, since I ran into an old friend) I walked into the penny-tiled, old-fashioned ice cream parlor that has been getting so much hype. One look at the white counter with bar stools, you can only imagine some 1960’s teenagers stopping by for an ice cream sundae or a root beer float after school.

            When you look up on the wall, it is clear that it is 2015. First, I see the flavors that range from “Burnt Honey” to “Black Ass Licorice.” And on the other wall is an amazing billboard that reads “Kanye’s Beautiful But Darkly Lit Ice Cream Parlor.”

            And the Kanye flavors this week? Heck yeah! I’m a sucker for a pun (re. “nosh to meet you”) so naturally I laughed out loud at the 2-scoop “Watch The Cone” option. My Instagram feed has been filled with photos of the Croissantwich, but that sells out super quickly, and I was there at night. Whether or not you order a Kim K. Thirst Trap Sundae, the line will go quicker while you read this menu.

            In the end, I had a cup with a scoop of “Cardomom Lemon Jam” and a scoop of “Angel Food.” The ice cream was soft and light and creamy and took me away from the 90 degree heat for a few beautiful moments.

            I also recommend the “S+P Pinenut” and the “Chocolate Rose Peppercorn.” Morgenstern’s is so good it kind of blew me away. The line really was quite heinous. I say it’s worth it, but it depends on how you deal with waiting.

            I will definitely be trying every flavor (and hopefully an “I Am A God Ice Cream Croissantwich ‘Hurry Up With My Damn Croissants’”)!