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Ken's Ramen

Pia Mileaf-Patel

$15 a person

            While I have a deep appreciation for how good the food in the Met is (RISD’s dining hall) eating every meal there can get you a little stir-crazy despite their four types of granola, sandwich bar, grill and even a vegan station—especially if you write a food blog. I’m here for six weeks to do a pre-college painting program, and am very thankful that Ken’s Ramen is just a short walk away!

            It’s not very expensive, which is fantastic if you spend all of your money on canvas, and it’s also the kind of delicious Japanese food with a modern take that I will dream about. For example, I tried the Uni Ikura Don, a bowl of sushi rice with nori, seaweed salad, ikura and fresh uni on top, when I was college touring with my mom in the winter and have been looking forward to being back in Providence ever since.

            The restaurant is small and is a perfect place to sit with a bowl of Ken’s Dirty Rice, which is sushi rice with ikura, nori, shiso, and sesame seeds topped with one of several things (I recommend the pork belly), and some pork or vegetable buns.

            And then there are all of the types of ramen to choose from, with fresh, chewy noodles that compliment each soup, like thick doughy ones for the spicy miso ramen, and thinner more traditional ones with original Paitan Ramen.

            I will keep this short, because I have hours of still lives to do, but I’ll be dreaming of Uni Ikura Don the entire time.



Pictured below is the Ken's Dirty Rice with pork belly.