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Pia Mileaf-Patel

$10 a person

            As I sit in my bed using a bra and a hair elastic to hold an ice pack up to my post-wisdom-tooth-removal-chipmunk-face, staring at a cup of room temperature coffee on my windowsill (only liquids, nothing hot or spicy), I dream about the piping hot cup of coffee and delicious chorizo breakfast burrito I ate at Cofax, just two weeks ago.

            With an overwhelming missing of my friend Fernanda, who is working in LA on a gap year, and a questionable-but-worth-it decision to miss two days of school and go on a road trip with her and our other friend Philip, I packed a bag, flew to LA, and maxed out my in-flight wifi researching restaurants, because that’s clearly the only thing I care about. Friday morning, we picked up a rental car and our first stop was Cofax, followed by some thrift shopping.

            Cofax, on Fairfax, is surrounded by an eclectic mix of shops, which is demonstrated by Canter’s Deli (open since 1931) and its neighbor the Supreme store. At Cofax, you will find great coffee and atmosphere, in addition to homemade donuts and breakfast burritos. Simple and genius.

            The coffee shop was pretty packed, and everyone had a burrito, from the group of hungover twenty-something guys, to the family feeding their toddler little bites of egg and cheese, to the couple sitting quietly in the corner, enjoying their breakfast in silence. We sat on the floor and used the bench as a table, an improvisational move that makes you grateful to be eighteen and adaptable to makeshift eating arrangements.

            Keeping with the Cali tradition, you can add avocado to your burrito, which only enhances the chewy tortilla—grilled crisp on the outside—spicy sausage, rich potatoes, fluffy eggs, and gooey, melted cheese. There are two salsas—a roasted red one and a spicy, smoky green one. This is what breakfast burrito dreams are made of, and it is exactly what I wish I could chew right now. Our breakfast at Cofax was the perfect commencement to a food-filled road trip and one of many great memories to hold onto until Fernanda moves home again! 

            And seriously, if anyone has a suggestion of a better way to ice my face, drop me a note!