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Vicky's Tasty Treat

Pia Mileaf-Patel

Do you ever find soft serve late at night that is so creamy and thick and vanilla-y that you sit in your car with your mom in silence until every last bite is gone? Does it come with a zesty, punchy, icy orange twist, towering out of the crisp wafer cone? Or does it come layered with the family-recipe lemon ice, combining delicately with the melting fluffy ice cream?

Do you ever wake up the next morning and go back?

Will you dream about it, and consider driving 4+ hours to get it again? Then text your friend about how good it was and how you should design a road trip around going there?

Decorated with an Italian flag and photos of customers enjoying their soft serve ice cream sundaes, sprinkle-dipped ice cream sandwiches, or frozen bananas, Vicky's is your next ice cream stop before it's fall. But honestly, I'd go here if it were snowing it was so good.